TadvSmoothPanel transparent edges

The edges outside the rounded corners from a SmoothPanel has always the color of  the form. When the SmoothPanel is placed on top of another panel or grid the edges still has the color of the form. Is it possible that this edges can be transparent?


Do you have any suggestion  for my question please.

We have retested this with our latest version but we could not see such problem here. Please inform how we can reproduce this.


The same problem I have here.
You can reproduce that this way:

On a form, drop a panel and have on it some labels.

Drop a smoothpanel on the form and drag it over the panel with labels, you will see that the image of labels will desappear on the edge of the Smoothpanel remaining only the form image.

Sorry, we are unable to reproduce this here.

What Delphi version / OS operating system are you using? Are you able to reproduce this in a newer Delphi version?

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Scheldeman Pieter

Delphi 7 and windows 7

Thank you for your feedback, we will investigate this as soon as possible.


The AdvSmoothPanel has rounded edges, and paints a normal TCustomControl background below it, 

due to the transparency technique it could be that in older delphi versions the edges are not properly repainted.
Unfortunately we are not able to reproduce this here, but perhaps a sample application would help us identify the issue.

Hello Pieter,

I did an example, there is a exe and delphi files .pas - .dfm e .dpr in this file


it is very simple but  you will be able to see the problem.

Hi, Thank you for your sample, 

Unfortunately we are unable to reproduce this here, as seen in the picture:


We will investigate this further on older delphi versions as soon as possible.

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Scheldeman Pieter


didn't you notice that the shadow cover the labels? shouldn't it be a real shadow over the labels?

Please, take a look at this image:



As you can see, I have a Panel on my form and when I change the color of my form, the Panel doesn't change the color.  In your example image your panel is assiming the same color of form. Then with my form in green, panel in gray you can see that the SmoothPanel shadow is not a real, it gets the color of my form that is green or blue and cover all the labels where is the shadow.

It is not a real shadow as it should be.

The shadow will not cover the labels, this is only an aspect of the component. and the shadow falls within the boundaries of the component. Since the smooth panel inherits from TCustomControl, full transparency is not supported when being placed above other components.

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Scheldeman Pieter