some problems with TIWAdvCheckGroup


i have some problems with TIWAdvCheckGroup :
1. i can't change the space size between the items in the list (even when i change the font and/or change the height).
2. the font doesn't change in Chrome (works fine in IE8 and Firefox9).
3. the size of the box (and the border and items in it) is always auto-sized, no matter what i changed.
4. TIWAdvCheckGroup properites don't look the same in design and in runtime (border, fonts, height etc), makes it harder to design.

tested on a clean new project
tested with and without a region
tested with more then 1 language, and fonts
on :
latest tms pack
iw 12.2.8
updated DEX2

btw, is there a way to make all the checkboxes checked by default?

thank you

update :

after i closed my project, closed the test project, and returned back to my project - the design changed to be as i wanted it.

in the update, i mean that the design looks as i wanted it, but in runtime it still looks with the problems i wrote in the first post.

sorry for the re-post...


1 / 3. This is unfortunately currently not supported. 
However, this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding support in a future version.
2. This issue has been fixed. 
The update will be available with the next release of the TMS IW Component Pack
4. Please note that due to IntraWeb framework limitations the design-time view is similar but not identical to run-time view and some settings are not displayed at design-time. 
However, we'll investigate if the design-time behavior can be improved in a future version.
5. Example to check/uncheck all checkboxes by default:
  for I := 0 to TIWAdvCheckGroup1.Items.Count do
    TIWAdvCheckGroup1.Checked := 0;
Bart Holvoet2012-10-22 03:08:46

hi bart

1-3 : thank you !
4 : i thought of that too after i poseted...  (couldn't find a why to edit my post here in the forum, sorry)

5 : i write this in case someone else will need it:
i made a unit that containes some general procedures and functions that can help me.
in it, i added a procedure that can set all the TIWAdvCheckGroup in the form to a full True or False as i need.
here it is :
{---------------------- MakeAllCheckBoxesChecked ------------------------------}
Procedure MakeAllCheckBoxesChecked(vIWForm : TIWAppForm; TF : Boolean);
Var I, X : Integer;
  With vIWForm Do
  For X:=0 To ComponentCount-1 Do Begin
    If (Components[X] IS TTIWAdvCheckGroup) Then
      For I:=0 To (Components[X] AS TTIWAdvCheckGroup).Items.Count-1 Do
        (Components[X] AS TTIWAdvCheckGroup).IsChecked:=TF;
"Self"=for this IWForm i'm in, "True"=set all TIWAdvCheckGroup.items to be True (Checked)
then, in my program i just call it :
MakeAllCheckBoxesChecked(Self, True);

btw, your example didn't work for me, so i think you meant this :
  for I := 0 to TIWAdvCheckGroup1.Items.Count-1 do
    TIWAdvCheckGroup1.IsChecked := False;

thank you very much for your kind help !

in the example fix it should be :
TIWAdvCheckGroup1.IsChecked := False;

sorry for the re-post (again...)

sorry but it didn't let me add the "" in the example fix...

ok, so there is a bugin the forum...   lol
i can't add : [ i ] when it is connected...