SignatureCapture on iOS

I'm updating an iOS app (originally built in 2021) which uses the SignatureCapture, it has previously worked fine for a couple of years.
Now it hangs when I try SignatureCapture.SaveToImageFile or SignatureCapture.SaveToImageStream, and eventually (after quite a few seconds) the app crashes.
t's not trapped by an exception handler.

I'm using the latest version of the TMSFNCUIPack and Delphi 12.1.

It is using defaults I just add it to the form, change the name & position, and nothing else.

Any ideas? Is there something else I can check?


This applies to Windows as well as iOS.
To recreate it is easy:

  1. Create a new FMX project
  2. Drop a signature on it, and a button
  3. In the button click handler, just 'SaveToImageFile' with some filename.
  4. Run it, scribble on the signature, and press the button.
  5. Access Violation

it seems to occur then a TTMSFNCGraphics object is Free'd.

and it seems to be happening here:
Screenshot 2024-04-06 155541

in TMSFNCGraphics.

both FSaveFont and FActiveCanvas seem to exist and have values

Thanks for reporting, fixed and available in the next version of TMS FNC UI Pack

Updated today, and, in a Windows app, it now throws an AV in TObject.Free in System.pas.

We are not able to reproduce this, can you provide some step by step instructions on how to reproduce this in a Windows environment?

My mistake. It's fine. It seems that I just hadn't run the update. Funny thing, the memory.

It's working ok now


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