TMSFMXSignatureCapture1.Signature.SaveToFile error

Hi Guys

I'm having an issue on my latest build in Android. The TMSFMXSignatureCapture1.Signature.SaveToFile method now produces an error on Delphi 10.3 that I cant work out. Its just a one line code saving the signature capture as a png file in my Documents folder.

The error is:

Error in context method 'DoCopyBits'

Working fine before.

Cheers Reece


We have no issues here, but saving the image needs to be done with the SaveToImageFile method, not the SaveToFile method
Hi Pieter

TMSFMXSignatureCapture1.Signature.SaveToFile had been working for a couple of years,
TMSFMXSignatureCapture1.SaveToImageFile gives the same result. I created a new project with just the signature capture and a break point on the save method. Below is the exception produced.

Any idea what it could be?

Cheers Reece

First chance exception at $8966F009. Exception class EContext3DException with message 'Error in context method 'DoCopyBits'.'.

Do you have write access to this folder?

Hi Bruno

Yes I do, in the next step after the signature capture, I invoke the TMSFMXRichEditorPDFIO1.Save to the exact same directory and folder, and it works perfectly. Just seems to be the signature capture.

Cheers Reece

SaveToFile is working, but is not saving the data as an image, it simply saves the drawn signature as an array of points. SaveToImageFile is the one you are looking after to save this as a PNG. We have tested this and couldn't reproduce the issue, so perhaps you can test on a different folder, or with a different image extension? Are you able to reproduce this on another device? 


We have further investigated this here and the DoCopyBits error that you have experienced is unfortunately an FMX/Android bug in RAD Studio Rio. Please use RAD Studio Tokyo as your main development environment until this bug is fixed. More information about this can be found at the following page: