Show transparent PNG in TTIWDBAdvWebGrid


I'm using a TTIWDBAdvWebGrid from TMS IntraWeb Component Pack Pro 4.7 and I need it to shown transparent PNG's in a ctImage cell.
I managed to get the PNG's in a TImageList (keeping their transparancy) by setting the ImageList.DrawingStyle := dsTransparent and ImageList.ColorDepth := cd32Bit, but when the images are shown in the Grid they are shown with a white background instead of a transparent background.
Are there any futher properties I need to set on the Grid or Column to get this to work?
Kind regards

Image draw from an image list works with the PNG transparency but image extraction (what the grid needs to do to send it to the browser) doesn't extract the transparency layer (limitation of the imagelist)

I'd suggest to use direct image links (which is also better for bandwidth as these images can be cachec)

Hello Bruno,

Thanks for your feedback, makes sense.
Can you perhaps give some details on how to implement such an image link?
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Set your columntype to ctImage and set in the cell text the URL of the image.

Hello Bruno,

That got it working, thanks!
Kind regards