column as ctImage

column as ctImage, Grid.MouseSelect := msRow;

1. IWImageList - load png images without background (16x16)
    when assign in grid cell the image appear as black background.
    GridGetImageIdx...  AValue := Imageindex

2. When i click on image I load other pages that take few sec to load.
    The showbusy annimation is not fire, even i add manualy
     ResponseFunc := Format(CDATATag, ['ShowBusy(True);']);

or WebApplication.CallBackResponse.AddJavaScriptToExecute('ShowBusy(true)'); etc

this for async or not methods (GridImageClick  or async one)

Can someboduy help me with those. Thanks!


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only second one i revive by mail (not possible now, hope to be add very soon, because is very nasty)
but with png images in ctImage cell ?

I would recommend using a path to the file instead of an IWImageList control.

  TIWAdvWebGrid1.Cells[0,0] := 'filename.png';

With the image located in subfolder called "wwwroot" of the folder where the executable of your app is located.
You can also use the ColumnType ctImage in this case.

Thanks, images as png is working ok now

For others interested:
async image click - start an TIWTimmer with 100ms and on  async timer,
execute what you need to load. That will do the trick to show animation.

Important! check property of timer:  ShowAsynclock = true