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Is there an example of how to use TAdvQuickAccessToolBar in terms of the bitmaps assigned to the tool buttons?


Buttons on the TAdvQuickAccessToolBar are normally TAdvGlowButton and the image for TAdvGlowButton is either assigned with an imagelist image (AdvGlowButton.Images / AdvGlowButton.ImageIndex) or via its AdvGlowButton.Picture property.

Hello Bruno,

I am sorry I was not clear enough, I am talking about the format of the image. I am using a TActionManager to assign actions to the toolbar buttons and if I use PNG format for the images I see that I have issues, for example if the action is not enabled the image does not appear.

I retested this here with the latest version with the wizard created app and a disabled action with PNG from imagelist assigned to the TAdvGlowButton on the TAdvQuickAccesToolBar, but could not see an issue.

Hello Bruno,

I am getting a black icon, would it be possible to send me your project to test it here?

I tried to use a PngImageList instead of the default ImageList to load my PNG images, the disabled icon is now displayed ok but the transparency is gone, is it true that it looks at the left lowest pixel of the image for the transparent color?

Make sure to set ColorDepth = cd32bit in TImageList, DrawingStyle = dsTransparent and Masked = false.

With this setting the PNG is drawn properly here.


I created a sample project how can I send it to you?

I uploaded it here https://www.dropbox.com/s/j7dqnqht49c1sx2/Test.7z?dl=0

The issue with disabled image has been fixed. Next update will address this.
The issue with transparency must be something in the image itself you use. I assigned a PNG here and didn't see such problem. Test project:

Great!!!! I will try to figure out what is going on with my PNG although when I imported it in TImageList it was drawn correctly (with a grey background in transparent areas"

Thank you very much for your prompt reply and support