Platform compatibility

I mostly create my FNC components in code and the differences in some of the parameter sets in event handlers can be a bit of a pain - e.g. var KeyChar: Char is missing from the KeyDown event of the VCL grid. Is there any chance of getting greater consistency? The classes I create are used by both VCL and FMX apps so it would be nice to minimise the number of IFDEFs.

FNC would also be an opportunity to get better compatibility between VCL and FMX versions of components - I'm currently creating wrapper classes for most components that replicate some VCL properties in the FMX versions (e.g. Checked/IsChecked).

What about the new web components - are they going to be consistent with the VCL properties and events, or something different again?

Thanks, Bob


Unfortunately the published events in VCL/FMX differs on TControl level, so we would need to replace all these events and create our own events. We'll investigate what is possible. For WEB, this is based on VCL, so the event handlers should be identical to the ones in VCL.