selecting resource and start time end time

Hi Gurus

I am new to this component and trying to understand a thing.

Just like demo 6, assume we have resources or rooms on header and times on side bar.

Demo6 shows which cells selected etc but how can we find out Date of selected cell, begin and end time of selected cells (if time was split to every 30 minutes and selected 3 cells (90 minutes) for a single resource, resource name (assume it is coming from resource table and connected to schedule table?

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Using the selection index, you can use

Planner.CellToAbsTime(selectionindex, starttime, endtime);
i.e. this method will return the timeslot start & end time via these parameters.

Thanks Bruno for your response,

What about resource? When I want to make an appointment, and select a resource how can find out which resource I have selected?

Is there also a generic procedure or function to return this case exactly? For instance when user selects the 3 cells in the grid for a resource, function that returns (start time, end time, resource id) or name?

Thanks and regards