Which planner type to use?

I want to use the data from a table with records that have an employee id, days off and show them on a planner view so we can see who's days might overlap with each other.
Name 2021-06-08 Vacation-PTO Multiple Days 2021-06-16 2021-06-17
would be a sample record for a person that has 2 days off for example.
Looking at the TPlanner plandemo, the horiz. month mode looks about like what i want, where the resource would be the employee name, then the planner items would be the requested days off.
Before i dive into it, i am wondering if there is a better suggestion or if the TDBPlanner would be suited for this?
Also, would it be possible to resort the planner rows so that planner items occurring in the same days are together instead of sorting by the Resource column?
Thank you in advance.

The difference between TPlanner & TDBPlanner is that TDBPlanner will automatically manage gettings records from the database and display these on the Planner and deal with updating / deleting.
If you have a key field (unique value), start time, end time that is sufficient to bind to the TDBPlanner. If you have a resource field (like Name here), you could use this as resource field. I see this is a text field, so you would need to map the name to a resource index (integer). You can do this with DBxxxSource.ResourceMap.
Planner Demo 26 is maybe closest to what you need.

Thanks Bruno, it's brilliant. I used a query and got all the fields you suggested. The Demo helped a lot.
Can you change the color of the planner items on the fly as they are drawn to the planner based on data?

I recommend to use the event TDBxxxSource.OnFieldsToItem.
Here you can use a specific dataset field value and based on this value, change a TPlannerItem property setting.

Thanks Bruno. Works Good.