Date related to Multiple Resources in TPlanner

I have a TPlanner object with 5 positions, 1 for each intended resource, e.g. 'Conf room 1', 'Conf Room 2' .... The TPlanner mode is set to 'plDay' and the is set programmatically to the current date/time when the form is created. The issues I'm having is that when a new item is created in position 0 (the first column), the start date is the current date, e.g. 6/16/2021. However, when I create a new item in position 1 (which is intended to be 'Conf Room 2'), the start date is 6/17/2021, if created in position 2, the start date is 6/18/2021, and so on.

Are TPlanner positions each associated with the 'next incremental date' starting with the planner date or is there a way such that each position is a different resource but using the same date.

A sample project can be obtained here:

Any guidance would be appreciated.


The behavior you expect seems to work well with mode=plTimeLine. This way you can set ItemPos according to the room, and then setting or checking ItemStartTime, ItemEndTime will be ok.

By using plDay, as you said, each position incs a day.
The same happens in the 1st demo (TMS VCL UI Pack\Demos\Planner\Demo1). It has a plDay mode Planner using resources names in columns; but if you apply your OnItemSelect routine, you'll notice that it's actually changing dates as you insert/check Items of different columns.

Thanks, Julio.

I noticed that in demo 1 as well but I had not tried plTimeLIne and it works as expected so thanks for the tip. Unfortunately in that mode you lose many of the beneficial visual ques available with plDay..

Thanks again.

For what its worth, I wanted to follow up after finding that TPlanner.Mode contains a property 'MultiResource'. Setting this = true appears to resolve the issue, though its overall usefulness for this project is yet to be determined I thought it worth sharing.