Scrollbar interval in TTMSFMXGrid

When scrolling in a TTMSFMXGrid I'm trying to get it to move one page at a time - at the moment it jumps hundreds of rows. I suspect this is also an FMX issue but can't find any reference anywhere - is there a way to set the scrollbar increment?

Thanks, Bob 


The grid implements 2 ways of scrolling, pixel and cell scrolling. The default is cell scrolling which scrolls a single row / column at a time. You can jump pages with the keyboard page up and page down keys. Which action did you execute to jump 100 rows at a time?

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Pieter Scheldeman2014-05-05 02:36:51

Hi Pieter

Apologies - forgot to state I'm clicking on the scrollbar with the mouse. Page Up/Down with the keyboard works fine. I've also tested it in cell and pixel mode but get the same behaviour.

I've just re-tested and have realised that the scroll button moves to where you click with the mouse, which in turns scales with the number of rows. So if I have 1000 rows in the grid and click halfway down the scrollbar it moves to row 500.

I need to be able to control the scroll span/scale from code and have the scroll interval default to a page, irrespective of where I click on the scrollbar. If I can set the scale from code then I can get behaviour as in Excel, where the total scroll span is determined by the number of populated rows.

Cheers, Bob

This is currently not possible, the scrollbar position, pagesize is controlled by the grid. We would need to implement an event, or add properties to control this. We have added this on our todolist for investigation.

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Pieter Scheldeman2014-05-05 08:25:19