FNCGrid External scrollbar


In order to get the layout I want I'm using external scrollbars (TScrollBar) for the FNCGrid. When I scroll I use (e.g. for the vertical scrollbar OnScroll event):

FSheetGrid.TopRow := ScrollPos + 1;

I'm also using OnGetCellData to populate the grid and my fixed row/col are numbered from 1. This does scroll the grid, but I get an ugly flash of all values from row 1 downwards. Any ideas on how to get rid of this?

Thanks, Bob


You can use BeginUpdate / EndUpdate to refresh the grid properly.

Sorry Pieter - I should have mentioned I've tried that in both the TScrollbar OnScroll and the GetCellData event handlers.

Thanks, Bob

Can you recreate this in a sample for us so we can investigate this here?

I'll put one together and send it via the support email.

Cheers, Bob