TMSFMXGrid Column Drag


I was wondering something about dragging columns in the TMSFMXGrid.
We have a grid with A LOT of columns.
End-users can rearrange columns as they wish.

Is it possible to let the grid scroll automatically horizontal when the column is dragged near the left or right border ?

Users complain that if they want to move a column to the other side, they have to do that in chunks.
So drag to the border, than scroll manually horizontal, and then another drag (multiple times)

Is there an option or solution for this ?

Actually to dragging and scrolling to the right side works (sort of).
It's extremely fast. 
I tried to change Options.AutoscrollingSpeed, but the value 1 is the slowest (and already too fast).
Also tried Options.AutoScrollingInterval, set to 200 but still not usable.

What are optimal settings for smooth dragging/scrolling and still being able to see the columns go by, so you know where to drop.

Dragging a column to the left size doesn't seem to work at all.

Further testing showed that ScrollMode = smCellScrolling gives this behaviour.

When ScrollMode = smPixelScrolling dragging to the left side is supported.
But it's not really scrolling, it's jumping.
Dragging to the left jumps to the first column instead of scrolling "slowly".

I tried Options.ScrollSpeed = 1 and 10, als Options.ScrollInterval = 100 and 500.
Doesn't seem to make a difference.

the AutoScrollInterval was not correct applied. This has been corrected. In the next version you will be able to scroll automatically by changing the AutoScrollInterval property. This property is in milliseconds. So a value of 1000 will scroll every second.

Great job Pieter.
Any idea when I can download the next version ?

Or is there a possibility I can have the changed sources earlier?


Hi, If you want incremental source updates, please send us an email.