Script generation and descriptions

When generating a script for our database (PostgreSQL) there are 3 things that are kind of annoying, which can, in my opinion, easily avoided:
1. Tablenames on the Tables-tab are not in alphabetical order
2. Excluding tablenames is not saved, so this has to be done every time a script is generated
3. Generated Functions are placed at the bottom of the script. Because of that the cript won't run. When they were placed between the 'Create Index' block and the 'Create Trigger' block, it would run instantly
Hope you can help us with this. We have 250+ tables, some of them in development, others not always necessary.

Another thing that's annoying is the fact that descriptions can't be longer than 255 characters, but there is no check on that. It pops up when you try to compile your generated Aurelius Datamodel. The description also can't contain certain characters (quotes, maybe more?).

Could anybody from TMS please answer this question?

Hello Ronald,

1. Is feasible and we're looking at it.
2. You mean remember the checked/unchecked tables? That could be done as well.
3. This is a little more complicated as it might break existing behavior. We have to think better what can we do regarding this.
4. About descriptions: we're going to look at the 255 char limitation as well (it's Delphi limitation for constants). The quote issue was solved already in latest version.

I did mean remember the tables in issue 2 by the way.
Hope you can solve issue 3 as well. Now we have to edit the generated query every time by hand to being able to use it. I get it that you have to find out if this is a breaking change. It's not for PostgreSQL I can tell you. On the contrary!

Option 1 is exactly what I have been searching the forum for. 

Is there any indication on the timeframe when this will be implemented?

It's already implemented in latest version.

I've upgraded to the latest version,, and when I click on Generate Script, the dialog that is displayed lists the tables in alphabetical order in the Tables tab, but the generated script, either via "Show the Script" or "Save script to file"  does not have the tables listed in alphabetical order.

Is it possible to have the tables in the generated SQL file also in alphabetical order?

The problem is that a SQL script might need tables in a certain order to work correctly. Even if it would be possible, we would rather not to enforce an alphabetical order in the SQL script.

Fair enough.

I ended up writing something myself to process the tables.