Script for PostgreSQL does not work

I can't generate a working script for PostgreSQL from the Datamodeller.
Normally I only work with Aurelius. I work with the datamodeller, then create a .pas file for Aurelius and I let Aurelius create the tables in the database. But that does not work for indexes. Aurelius does not create any index I declared in the datamodeller.
I then decided to generate a script with the datamodeller, but PostgreSQL won't run that script. It does not recognise the statement 'GENERATOR':

[WARNING  ] CREATE GENERATOR itemehl_itemehlid_seq
            ERROR:  syntax error at or near "GENERATOR"
            LINE 1: CREATE GENERATOR itemehl_itemehlid_seq
What can I do to generate a working script? I work with PostgreSQL 9.3 and the latest versions of the Datamodeller and Aurelius.

I found out that the datamodel thinks it's a Firebirddatabase. I also found out how to convert it to PostgreSQL. So no problem there anymore. I would have deleted this topic if possible.
The only thing I don't get is: why doesn't Aurelius generate the indexes?

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, unfortunately Aurelius doesn't generate indexes, only unique keys.