RotateGroupOnLeft does not seem to work correctly.

Hello, we have recently purchased the TPlanner control and we are running into an issue regarding the RotateGroupOnLeft property. Instead of rotating the group caption and centering it (what i would expect, but correct me if this is wrong), it seems to move the caption label almost outside the group region. I only see a few small pixels at the bottom indicating there is some text there.

Is this a known bug, am I doing it wrong, and is there a way to accomplish what i expect?

I cannot reproduce a problem with this information. Please provide more details / exact steps / property settings etc... with which this problem can be reproduced.

What i did was pretty straight forward:

Drop TPlanner on a form, set time axis to horizontal, set PositionGroup to 1, add a string to Header.GroupCaptions, and set RotateGroupOnLeft to true.

Well, i seem to have found the problem. I read a bit more through the docs, and i noticed that another rotate property stated that i needed to use a true type font for that. Even though i thought MS Sans Serif (the default) is a true type font, changing it to Arial worked like a charm.

I'm going to be a bit nitpicky here but the group caption is not centered when it is Rotated and the planner is in horizontal mode.

This code used on a default Planner works without issues here:

procedure TForm4.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  planner1.Sidebar.Position  := spTop;
  planner1.PositionGroup := 1;
  planner1.Header.RotateGroupOnLeft := true;
  planner1.Header.GroupCaptions.Add('Group 1');

Make sure you use a truetype font as only truetype fonts can be rotated