TAdvPolyList -> TGroupItem -> CaptionFontStyle

Setting any of the CaptionFontStyle options (i.e., fsBold, fsItalic, etc.) appear to have no effect on a TAdvPolyList's TGroupItem. Can anyone provide me with a fix for this as I'd like my GroupItem Captions to be emboldened?

Fiachra Bonner

We do not experience issues here:

  GroupItem1.Caption := 'test';
  GroupItem1.CaptionFontStyle := [fsBold]

Works as expected.
Are you using the latest version (v1.4), and if you do can you send us a sample?

Kind Regards, 

Hello Pieter,

We purchased "TMS Advanced Poly List" last week and are using the latest version 1.4.
I just created a sample application in Delphi XE2 - dropped a TAdvPolyList on a form, added a TGroupItem, changed the CaptionFontStyle to include fsBold and ran the program. The Bold style is not being applied. Note, I've also tried this with TAdvVerticalPolyList, and by setting the CaptionFontStyle in code.
Btw, I looked at your source code and TImageSectionItem.DrawText (which TGroupItem uses for drawing the Caption) does not take CaptionFontStyle into account.
Anyway, this isn't a big deal as I implemented what I wanted differently.
P.S. Just before posting this, I double-checked the version of TAdvPolyList in my sample application (via the Object Inspector) and it does say "", however, the Version for TGroupItem in the Object Inspector is "" if that helps?

Hi, Can you send us a direct email for a source update, it could be that the GroupItem source didn't make it to the latest release since we are unable to reproduce this here on our development machines.

Kind Regards, 

We have also re-uploaded the correct v1.4 version, if you download and install this version, the bold font should be applied to the groupitem.

Thanks Pieter.