RestClient Editor

I struggle to install the TMSFNCRESTClientEditor to use it in the IDE (TMSFNCRESTClientEditorPkgDEDXE14.dproj).

I get this message when I try to install it.
[dcc32 Fataler Fehler] VCL.TMSFNCRESTClientDE.pas(31): E2225 'Never-build' Package 'vclimg' muss neu compiliert werden

Any hints what to do ?

Did you follow these steps?

  • Make sure that TMS FNC Core, TMS FNC UI Pack and TMS FNC Cloud pack are installed.
  • Locate the correct TMSFNCRESTClientEditorDXE group package for your Delphi version (XE14 = Delphi 11, XE13 = Delphi 10.4, ...)
  • Manually install the VCL and FMX packages before you install the Design-Time package (TMSFNCRESTClientEditorPkgDEDXE__).

It should install as expected if you follow these steps.

Hi Gjalt,

If I compile the packages in release-mode I can now install them without errors. I hope this is ok, because in debug-mode it is not possible to do.

Now when I put TMSFNCRESTClient on my form I can in the IDE select "Open Editor" from the popup-menu of the component.

But then I get this error before any dialog appears:

In MultiDevice-App:
Klasse mit der Bezeichnung TTMSFNCRESTClientRequestQueryParameter existiert bereits.

In VCL-App:
Nicht unterst├╝tztes Stream-Format.

These details are shown...
[678830ED]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.Graphics.InvalidGraphic (Line 4411, "Vcl.Graphics.pas" + 1) + $E
[678865D7]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.Graphics.TPicture.LoadFromStream (Line 6137, "Vcl.Graphics.pas" + 9) + $5
[5EE5C6FB]{VCLTMSFNCRESTClientEditorPkgDXE14.bpl} Vcl.Tmsfncrestclienteditor.TTMSFNCRESTClientEditor.UpdateThemeControls + $1FF
[5EE63AB6]{VCLTMSFNCRESTClientEditorPkgDXE14.bpl} Vcl.Tmsfncrestclienteditor.TTMSFNCRESTClientEditor.SetLightTheme + $3E
[5EE57DAD]{VCLTMSFNCRESTClientEditorPkgDXE14.bpl} Vcl.Tmsfncrestclienteditor.TTMSFNCRESTClientEditor.BuildEditor + $2845
[5EE5AB62]{VCLTMSFNCRESTClientEditorPkgDXE14.bpl} Vcl.Tmsfncrestclienteditor.TTMSFNCRESTClientEditor.Execute + $E2
[50022AFD]{TMSFNCRESTClientEditorPkgDEDXE14.bpl} Vcl.Tmsfncrestclientde.TTMSFNCRESTClientDEEditor.ExecuteVerb + $7D
[64F1FD6A]{vcldesigner280.bpl} VCLSurface.TVclDesignSurface.ComponentVerb (Line 3132, "VCLSurface.pas" + 3) + $B
[679D449A]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.Menus.TMenuItem.Click (Line 2619, "Vcl.Menus.pas" + 19) + $8
[679D5C5B]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.Menus.TMenu.DispatchCommand (Line 3576, "Vcl.Menus.pas" + 5) + $2
[679D6ED6]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.Menus.TPopupList.WndProc (Line 4749, "Vcl.Menus.pas" + 4) + $E
[67CB0AB4]{rtl280.bpl } System.TMonitor.CheckOwningThread (Line 19889, "System.pas" + 2) + $0
[67CB0DDA]{rtl280.bpl } System.TMonitor.Exit (Line 20079, "System.pas" + 1) + $2
[67CB0E36]{rtl280.bpl } System.TMonitor.Exit (Line 20101, "System.pas" + 2) + $7
[6788821D]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.Graphics.FreeMemoryContexts (Line 7308, "Vcl.Graphics.pas" + 12) + $8
[678AC700]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.Controls.TWinControl.MainWndProc (Line 10321, "Vcl.Controls.pas" + 3) + $6
[679D6E25]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.Menus.TPopupList.MainWndProc (Line 4724, "Vcl.Menus.pas" + 2) + $5
[67DC5C1C]{rtl280.bpl } System.Classes.StdWndProc (Line 18517, "System.Classes.pas" + 8) + $0
[679F5263]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.Forms.TApplication.ProcessMessage (Line 11488, "Vcl.Forms.pas" + 23) + $1
[679F52A6]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.Forms.TApplication.HandleMessage (Line 11518, "Vcl.Forms.pas" + 1) + $4
[679F55E5]{vcl280.bpl } Vcl.Forms.TApplication.Run (Line 11657, "Vcl.Forms.pas" + 27) + $3
[00BA80A2]{bds.exe } bds.bds (Line 227, "" + 16) + $2

Any more hints where too look after...

Thanks/Regards, Tom

Did you restart your IDE after installation? There are some issues when you immediately try to use newly installed design-time packages.
There is also a limitation in Delphi that you can't use the same editor in VCL and in FMX while leaving the IDE open as it will try to register the classes for both, causing the first problem you encounter.

For the exception in VCL with the stream-format. Are there any other third party products installed that might interfere with the image loading?

The error "Klasse mit der Bezeichnung TTMSFNCRESTClientRequestQueryParameter existiert bereits." is gone with restarting the IDE. This is now problem at all - that's fine. It shows the Editor fine in an FMX-App.

Regarding your question using other third party products - yes, I do use some (not many) besides TMS products - I guess most of us do this. How they should interfere image loading if I create a completely new project is hard to understand for me.

I uninstalled and re-installed the relevant FNC products in D11.3 and D10.4.2 but still the error about "Stream-Format" comes up in VCL-App.

Any further hints where to look after ?

Thanks/Regards, Tom

Do you have VCL UI Pack as well, it might be necessary to re-install the latest version of the TMS VCL UI Pack. Because there was a fix in that product regarding SVG issues. (They wouldn't show if TMS VCL UI Pack and TMS FNC Core were installed side-by-side.)

Another cause might be due to other third party products that register on the svg extension, for example SKIA.

Good morning Gjalt,

thanks for getting back to me on this issue.
I had VCL UI Pack before and re-installed it for sure. Error in VCL is still the same.
SKIA is and was never installed.

It's not a big issue - I'm not blocked in any way when the RestClientEditor does not work from IDE in VCL. I will wait a few update-cycles of different products and re-try it then - it's not the first time that things get healed magically this way...

Thanks for your effort - Regards, Tom

Thanks for the feedback, we'll keep an eye on it and see if there are potentially more reports coming in.