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I'm having trouble with a Delphi XE project where the ICON and MAINICON sections have extra entries in it that are not the application icon. They look to possibly be images from TMS components.

A new project with no TMS components doesn't have the issue. My application uses a lot of different TMS components, so tracking down where they are from is difficult. My project .res file only contains the correct icons (several sizes) so they are not creeping in there.

The correct icons are named 3081 and the extra ones are 2067.

Has this issue been seen before?

Is this based on the latest version v10.2.5 of TMS VCL UI Pack?
Afaik, there are no icon resources in TMS VCL UI Pack.

Yes, I'm using version

Could it be from the TMS Instrumentation Workshop or TMS Async32 packages?

How does this icon look?

Here's a screenshot of Resource Hacker:

I can email you a link to the exe you you can poke around if you like?

I cannot see these icons would be coming from our components.
We also typically give resources names and not numbers as name.

The same icons are in a very old version of the same application, but with names like


Again, if you use only a clean setup of the latest TMS VCL UI Pack v10.2.5 release, there should be NO icons.

I just created a brand new project with no components:

Then I added a TAdvStringGrid:

I mentioned it already, there must be old version resources on your system that get linked.
With a clean setup of TMS VCL UI Pack, there is NO extra icon added.
I especially double-checked / retested and as you can see , it DOES NOT add extra icons, it only adds bitmaps.

The system I tested it on is only a few months old and has never had the old Component Pack on it.

Could it be a bug in Delphi XE ?

What resource tool are you using in the above screenshot by the way?

We inspect EXE resources with Greenfish

With the TMS VCL UI Pack v10.2.5.0 we cannot reproduce this and see no reason whatsoever that TAdvStringGrid would add an icon. There are no icons in its resources.
Another test & proof:

The issue seems to be some weird combination of TMS grids and Delphi XE.
I added the same ico file into the project manager and as expected there is a
second MAINICON entry now. But... both that one and the "real" one are
now populated correctly! If I remove the extra icon from the resources
it reverts back to the wrong icon set. So the work around seems to be to
have the extra icon entries. Thanks for your replies on this.

I cannot understand this behavior.
I can't help thinking there is still a mixup of old version files / incorrect files on your system.

I can't see any old files and as I said this computer has only ever had the new type of pack.

After experimenting some more, I've found that the "AdvGrid" include (in uses) is what triggers the weird behaviour in Delphi XE.

The same test with Delphi't have the issue, so it must be a quirk in XE ?

I cannot explain this.
The resources used in TAdvStringGrid do not differ between using it in Delphi XE and Delphi 10.3

In both cases, the exact same resource set is used.