TAdvTreeView expand/collapse icons are not rendered

When I drop TAdvTreeView on form without changing any property it correctly show expand/collapse icons. But when I run application they are not shown. The same with customized TAdvCheckedTreeView. Customized means that I have changed value of some properties from their default values. NodesAppearance.ExpandNodeIcon and NodesAppearance.CollapseNodeIcon properties were not changed from their default values in both cases. Please see screenshots.


What exact IDE is this? Does the IDE is latest version + update packs?
Is this the latest version of the components?

Latest version of IDE C++ Builder 10.4.2 and VCL UI components What is interesting this behaviour is also when creating empty VCL project. In another very complex project if I drop TAdvCheckedTreeView on main form icons are correctly displayed. I was not able to determine what is different between the two projects. I commented all initialization code in constructor of main form, FormShow and other functions that are called during application startup but icons were correctly rendered. It seems like something in project settings or some imported library influences this behaviour.
To be more accurate the problem is only in runtime. In designtime icons are correctly displayed. Also in runtime they are correctly displayed but only for some projects.

I was able to fix problem but don't understand what's happened. The solution required several steps:

  1. In project properties -> Application -> Manifest change DPI Awareness from default "Per Monitor v2" to "GDI Scaling".
  2. Export default icon to file with extension png_old. The extension png_old was suggested by IDE.
  3. Rename png_old file to use png extension.
  4. Import that same file into NodesAppearance -> CollapseNodeIcon resp. NodesAppearance -> ExpandNodeIcon. This should formally not change the image but I noticed subtle change see screenshot. The data type of icon in designer changed from TPNGObject to TPngImage.

The default icons are in the resource file AdvTreeView.RES.
Can you verify / make sure, that for the use of the default icons, the file AdvTreeView.RES is linked with your project?

Do you have any older components or libraries installed that reintroduce or define TPNGObject?
As this is deprecated in new versions, it could be possible that this is influencing the used class for the icons.

When I check in my Object Inspector, all of the icons are TPngImage.