Demo - Sphinx, Multi Tenant, Multi Database

A demo which I'd like

  • Sphinx (dedicated DB)
  • XData
  • WebCore
  • Multi Tenant with individual databases

That would be a nice present for Easter :slight_smile:

That would be indeed a comprehensive demo. :slight_smile:
Actually there is already a demo with Sphinx, XData and Web Core, so I assume you just want to know how to properly create multi-tenant applications? There are a few examples here and there, is there any missing piece you need to know about?

My WebCore/XData apps are based on the main music example so I have a Login form and a main form, so just trying to get my thinking straight with Sphinx.

If I just have a main form with a TSphinxWebLogin where would be the best place to call TSphinxWebLogin.Login? OnShow?

Or would it be best to have a login page and set the redirectUri?