Demo - Sphinx, Multi Tenant, Multi Database

A demo which I'd like

  • Sphinx (dedicated DB)
  • XData
  • WebCore
  • Multi Tenant with individual databases

That would be a nice present for Easter :slight_smile:

That would be indeed a comprehensive demo. :slight_smile:
Actually there is already a demo with Sphinx, XData and Web Core, so I assume you just want to know how to properly create multi-tenant applications? There are a few examples here and there, is there any missing piece you need to know about?

My WebCore/XData apps are based on the main music example so I have a Login form and a main form, so just trying to get my thinking straight with Sphinx.

If I just have a main form with a TSphinxWebLogin where would be the best place to call TSphinxWebLogin.Login? OnShow?

Or would it be best to have a login page and set the redirectUri?

I think a better approach is call TSphinxWebLogin.Login at the very beginning of the application (for example, you can have a single data module with the component and then call it from the OnCreate event of from the .dpr itself.

Then in the OnLogin event you create and call your main form.

Thanks. I'll give that a go.

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