Renew license

See my support case below.

Request a VAT refund, how can I do that? I'm not sure I trust Digital River when it comes to a refund.

Why is it not possible to send me an ordinary invoice by mail?

From my support case.

Dear Mr. Ekerhovd,

We have confirmed with Digital River.

You can place the order and then request a VAT refund after placing the order.

Kind regards,


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My license is about to expire and I want to renew it.

I cannot use your online shop, because it requires me to pay VAT.

I have a valid Norwegian Vat number, xxxxxx, but its flagged as invalid in your online store.

As I have to calulate VAT when I receive the license it means I will have to pay VAT twice.

I'm not willing to pay VAT twice and I would like to receive an invoice without VAT and I will pay via bank transfer.

Please issue an invoice as soon as possible, I would like to continue as a customer :)

Kind regards,

Ole Ekerhovd


Your question has been answered via email.
Kind regards

Yes, but I did not understand the answer.

Do I have to pay the VAT first, and then request a refund? Or is it somewhere in the payment process I deduct the VAT?

Still no solution, your answer was basically "Ask ShareIT for a refund".

I don't get it at all why it's so difficult to issue an invoice, 1-2 minutes of your time?

I'm not going to pay VAT twice via ShareIT, so I guess I'm no longer a customer after 30th of June.

That is a pitty I think, because All-access is a great solution for my work.

Kind regards,

Mr. Ekerhovd,
We are sorry for your inconvenience.
Our sales team has sent you further instructions via email.
Kind regards,

Thank you for solving this issue.

Renew payment placed now :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,