Purchase question

I intended to purchase TMS Web Core for ?395, but noticed its without vat, so the total is about 470?. I have a business and dont pay the vat, so I entered my VAT ID, and it did not update the shopping cart to remove the vat. When I purchase software from other distributor and enter my VAT ID, I dont pay the 19% vat and the shopping cart gets updated, but not with your product, so I did not purchase it. Let me know if there is a solution so I can purchase it.

From what country are you?
Can it be this is Germany? 
Since the sale happens from Germany, German sales tax needs to be applied. You should be able though to recover the German sales tax from the government when purchasing with a TAX ID.

Yes, its Germany, and whenever I purchase from other companies, the sales tax is not applied when I add my vat id. I know I will get the vat back.

I assume these other companies are not German companies?
EU tax regulations is that no tax is applied when purchasing from other countries in the EU when a valid company TAX ID is specified but tax is applied when it is from the same country.