RemoteDB as a Windows Service


Did you have a sample of how to installa a RemoteDB server as a Windows Service???

So in this way when my users Start or Reboot his computers automatically load my RemoteDB service.

Also do you know how to code dependencies??? In this way the RemoteDB server does not popup DB connection errors if it initiate prior to any DbEngines like: Sql Server, MySQL, Firebird, PostgreSQL and any database specified at the RemoteDB server.

Thanks a lot

Just create a new Windows Service project in Delphi, and in the Start event, start a RemoteDB server there.

I'm not sure what you mean by dependencies, can you please elaborate?

For dependencies I understand wich Windows Service is prior than other, so If I create a windows service for RemoteDB and this last is connected to MsSQL I need to be sure the Microsoft SQL server started first.

I tought you know that sir

Dependencies are set in MS Windows. When you inspect the service in services.msc you can look at the dependencies tab and specify which service needs to be available before the service is started.