How to use RemoteDb in My Case?

my  application which using Aurelius working with  two database MS SQL  and absoluteDB

MS SQL databases  structure looks like: companyName _year   e.g. My company _2013, My company _2014, Another company _2014  because I create a new database  for each physical year for each company.

I'm using  AbsoluteDB   as local database  to save all settings(company name displayed to the users, MS SQL database  name , server , login , password)  needed to  connect  each company   to it is related  MS SQL  database  so the scenario  will be  as :

1-  first the application connected  to the local absolute database and populate all working companies.

2-  the user  select  the company  and then  enter the  physical year needed .

3- the application using the setting information related to the selected company  from the local database  and then   connect to the MS SQL  database server     e.g.    My companyName _2013.

the application connected to the server database  after  the user select which database should be  connected to.

Now I want to use Remotedb with my Aurelius Application , the  problem is that   to start the server I should  already know which database  to connect  to.  but in my scenario  that happen  after user  interact with the application , or I should create  Http Server for each  database in my server so the server is ready for all Selections?

 I think I missed something ,  any guide?



i think i have to create and add a RemoteDB Server Module for All of my MS SQL databases to My Sparkle Http Server