connect to multiple database and provide a single service

On a central location there is a RemoteDB service (base) running which connects to a local database. This works fine.

On other locations I have a similar RemoteDB service which provides access to their own local database.

Now I need an admin application for accessing all databases from a single point (not on the same machine as where the base RemoteDB service is running).

Is it possible to connect to the remote database on the other locations and provide the data URIs via the base RemoteDB service?

Hope this make sense.

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If I understand correctly, you have several RemoteDB servers running at different endpoint URLs. In this case, the client should be configured with the proper URL they want to connect to.

Hi Wagner,

The client can only see the base RemoteDB server so therefore I would like to make the others RemoteDB servers available via the base.

From RemoteDB point of view, a RemoteDB server is just another database. So you can create a RemoteDB server that connects to a database via FireDAC, or via RemoteDB (TRemoteDBDatabase). But you will need a different endpoint for each different database you connect.

Got it. Thank you for the information.

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