Rare cosmetic issue with TAdvSmoothButton

Good morning to all,

some time ago i posted a question about very strange situation with TAdvSmoothButton.

Some time, without any reason, when i insert a TAdvSmoothButton in my form(s) i got this (the button corners are black) :

Bruno try to made some test and was unable to replroduce this result.

Some time is passed from that day, and today this situation reappeared; but now i'm able to reproduce this very rare issue (of couse on my pc).

It's only a "cosmetic" issue because, in the program, all work fine.

Try in this way (i use delphi Seattle)

New project, in main form drop a TAdvSmoothButton (it's appear well drowed), add a TAdvGroupBox, in this component drop TAdvPageControl and add a new page.

Now in this page drop a TAdvSmoothButton (all with default settings).

Now the button has the corner with black color, the first one ... no.

But if now we change the TAdvTabSheet property ColoTo from ClNone to clBtnFace (in this case because is default setting) or, generally, with the same value setted in property Color, the TAdvSmoothButton is painted rigth after forced form redraw (by pressing F12 and F12 again).

At the moment this strange situation happend only in this circumstance.

Thank's for your attention




To fix this issue, please turn off the DoubleBuffered property on TAdvTabSheet page.

Good mornig,

i'll do it.

Thank's for reply