Strange advgrid redraw problem

Good morning to all,

there's a strange AdvGrid redraw problem (?) if cursor is moved by mouse wheel.

To reproduce

Insert in a form an advgrid, set several columns (15) and arrange the grid show area in order to show only 7 comlums.

In gird option set gorowselect to true and gorangeselect to false.

In grid navigation set keephorizscroll to true and leftrigthrowselect to false.

Fill the grid with several rows (100) in order and fill all colums.

Now scroll the grid in order to show the last column, now we can see the last column and some space at the rigth of the grid.

Move the cursor with arrow key up/down or home/end ... all works fine.

But if we move the cursor with mouse wheel, the effect who i have is all grid repainted with all columns, after that redraw the grid with current position; the effect is "flashing" redraw.

Hope you are able to reproduce it.

Thank's for attention



We have applied an improvement for this and this improvement will be included in the next update.

Hi Bruno,

thank's for all.