Question about TDBAdvGrid.GetCheckBoxStatus

I using a DBAdvGrid with the AureliusDataset. Nowadays, I got the following the issue and cannot solve it. 

TDBAdvGrid is cannot get the correct checkbox's state when set a DataSetType = dtNonSequenced and the checked row does not show by scrolling.

And, I reproduced it in the "ADO selections" demo.

1. set the DataSetType = dtNonSequenced by object inspect, then execute.
2. Clicking the Audi A3, 1,6 by select column.
3. Resizing a form that can be shown in 5~6 rows only.
4. Scroll to the first row then clicking a cell which is not the select column.
5. Clicking a "Show Selections" button.
Then, the grid does not show any result.

If this is intended design and not a bug, how can I handle checked rows with a dataset like the above situation? Could you any advise me?
Thank you.

Sorry, I omit the important step to reproduce.
If the grid Anchors = [akLeft, akTop, akRight, akBottom], the issue is reproduced.

Please, refer the following link.

I could reproduce this and we're investigating.
As an alternative, set grid.PageMode = false.