Issue with DBAdvGrid and checkbox


i have a problem with the DBADVGrid with a Checkbox column.
After uncheck the checkbox i reload the Dataset. The grid shows a empty line at the end of the grid.
If i set a UpdateRowCount in the

procedure  TDBAdvGrid.DoCheckBoxClick

it works fine. Is there a other way to refresh the Dataset or is this a bug?

Do you please have more details on the setup of your grid?

In our ADOSelection demo for example, checkboxes are you used but we cannot see refresh issues in this demo

I have a Checkboxfield in the grid. The Query behind the Dataset "SELECT xx FROM table WHERE checked = 1"

After uncheck the checkbox i refresh the query to remove the record from the grid.
(Dataset.Refresh in AfterPost event)

The Event GetRecordCount from Grid is not called after hitting the Checkbox. i guess thats the problem.

If i save the record with da DB-Navigator the record disappear as expected. Within the Grid on Checkbox-Click a blank line stays in the grid.

As I cannot reproduce this issue here and do not have sufficient details, can you please isolate this and provide some sample source project with which we can reproduce this?