Issue with TDBAdvGrid and selection


we would like to use the DBAdvGrid in our application and have set the following properties:

DBAdvGrid.Property.Options.goRowSelect := true;

DBAdvGrid.Property.MouseActions.DisjunctRowSelect :=  true;

Having made this adjustment in the DBAdvGrid Property we encounter the following unwanted behavior in the grid.

1) When we connect a datasource into the grid and select a record with our mouse cursor (left-click), the selected row is not highlighted. Only after triggering a repaint event or by making a double click on the row or making a right-click, does the row become highlighted. Why doesn?t the highlight effect show immediately with a single left-click?  

2) Another unexplained behavior occurs when we use the arrow down (or up) key on our keyboard. By using the down key we select multiple rows in the grid. We would have expected that always the next record in the grid is selected. So that a user can skip from one record to the next with the up and down key. Is there some property to adjust this behavior to our needs?

Did you set grid.PageMode = false?

We set our grid.PageMode = true, because we need to stay syncronised with our Dataset and for performance reasons. 

Can you please have a look at the demo ADOSelection in the DBAdvGrid samples folder if you want to do disjunct row selection with PageMode = true

Thank you for your reply. We had a look at the samples folder. The Solution like the demo ADOSelection is not what we are looking for.

The selection with CheckBoxes is not practicable for our customers.


We were hoping our team could use TDBAdvGrid instead of TDBGrid or TJVDBGrid. To be able to implement TDBAdvGrid in our programs we need the following basic functionality.


TDBGrid offers the following attributes, unfortunately we can?t find these in TDBAdvGrid:

  1. These selections of multiple records
    1. RangeSelect with Shift-Key
    2. SingelRowsSelect with Ctrl -Key
  2. PageMode := true; (for Perfomance and Sync with the DataSource)
  3. Not Editable Grid
  4. Option.goRowSelect := true;
Also the 2 issues we are Reported in the initial Post are still open.
  1. highlighting effect only after repaint event
  2. navigate through the Grid with Up and Down-Keys without multiple select
We are hoping to find answers to these issues because TDBAdvGrid looks very promising and brings a lot of goodies.

At this moment, when PageMode = true, disjunct selection is done as demonstrated in the ADOSelection sample demo. Unfortunately, there is currently not an alternative method (unless you set PageMode = false)

I cannot reproduce the reported issues 1 & 2 here. Do you have exact steps for reproducing this in any of our provided DBAdvGrid demos?

Base-Example: ADOSelection

Options fo DBAdvGrid set in Objectinspector:

1.       Options.goEditing := false;

2.       Options.GoRowSelect := true;

3.       MouseActions.DisjunctRowSelect := true;


Another problem is, when I set “MouseActions.HotmailRowSelect:= true;” and click the Check-All Button, then every single row seems to be empty.

The purpose of the checkboxes is already to perform disjunct row selection. There is no need to set MouseActions.DisjunctRowSelect = true in this mode.

MouseActions.HotmailRowSelect = true is also superfluous for this case as there are already checkboxes for selection. Use MouseActions.HotmailRowSelect = true when the grid.PageMode = false and you have not already a DB selection checkbox column.
  1. HotmailRowSelect was a additonal info and is not part of the base issue.
  2. When I activate HotmailRowSelect, DisjunctRowSelect will be set true automatically.
  3. PageMode := false is not practicable for our need.


DEMO Startup

Left klick on Row 2 (Issue 1)

After Repaint

Pressing Arrow Down (Issue 2)

Pressing Arrow Down 5 times again

are there any updates on this topic?
have you been able to reproduce the problem?

At this moment, DisjunctRowSelect requires PageMode = false.
For multi selection with PageMode = true, the recommended method is demonstrated in the sample app ADOSelection in the DBAdvGrid demos folder.