Question about FNC Maps

Someone asked me about doing something like this:

  • Run a query in Google Maps
  • Draw a boundary around part of the results (as opposed to the whole window, but that would be ok in a pinch)
  • Identify all of the businesses flagged withing the boundary of the query result
  • extract a brief summary of data for each business obtained from their GBP data
  • return it as a JSON array or something similar (eg, a spreadsheet of data)

The dataset size isn't going to be very large. Maybe something like restaurants in an area where there's a mall or near some hotels or a tourist area. Or car dealers along a road where they tend to cluster. So maybe a couple dozen or so would be identifed.

Can FNC Maps be used for this? I'm not looking so much for the mapping part but interacting with Google to find qualified businesses, read their GMB profiles, and extract a handful of data items for further investigation.

If I can at least get the basic business name, address, and maybe phone#, I have another service I can get the GMB info from.

Hi David,

You can use the TTMSFNCPlaces component included with TMS FNC Maps to lookup business data for specific location.

The component supports several services: Azure, GeoApify, Google, Here and TomTom.
Please note that the Google Places service is unfortunately not supported for WEB core apps running on localhost due to technical limitations of the services.

Documentation can be found here:

The one service I'm interested in isn't supported. Great. :open_mouth:

What does this mean exactly? I can see it not running locally for testing, but can it run on a remote server? Is this a CORS issue?

Is there a way to add a class that accesses Google Places provided by a 3rd-party service?

The reason why the Google service is not supported on localhost is indeed related to CORS.
Unfortunately we have no control over the CORS issue as this is handled by the Google service.
Running the app on a remote server should indeed work as expected.