FNC and Linux (without FMX yet;-)

I start a project including xData Service using in ModuleData a FNC Maps Geocoder but unfortunately it appears FNC UI components install doesnt compile Linux64 despite what is exposed in documents

All business products are fine but not FNC UI
Goal isn't to use them from UI but by manual constructor... and FNC is declared as multi platform including Linux.
I based design of project upon this feature, designing Apache Module on Windows (easy to test in local) and them on Linux... and oups!
Is there a way to force compilation of FMX.FNC* on linux?


Did you install FMXLinux? If yes, which errors do you get when compiling?

No I didnt install FMX Linux, as it was too recent about FNC and project targets usage is for production
LInux support was listed long time ago before last week when you inform us about FMX Linux support.
So as usage here isn't in visual approach (but manual creation of class) I didn't consider usage of FMX Linux

Linux support is only offered via FMXLinux for Delphi and via Lazarus

OK recorded for FMXLinux
about Lazarus, is there a way to create a Linux Apache Module with xData. I tried to find example without success.
Do you get an example?

You can create Linux Apache modules with XData in Delphi. Lazarus is not supported by XData, unfortunately.

So if I understand FNC Maps Geocoder (here, but similar for all FNC components) requires to integrate now (and couldn't before despite what is written in doc) FMXLinux to create an Apache Module for Linux including xData

FNC Maps for Linux needs FMXLinux. However, FMXLinux (and FNC Maps) are UI tools, while XData is a server-side tool. Not sure how they relate?

Hi Wagner
relation between both is very particular here. I'm using FNC google geocoder in none visual approach to convert a ZIP code into lat/long to select into DB a list of Point of Interest based upon distance from position of user (ZIP is requested when GPS isn't available or for specific need).
All are exposed and processed through xData Service using Aurelius too and consumed by an Android app to present into FNCMap markers giving access to details.
2 days to learn TMS components and to create a working apache module and Android app, it's awesome and make me confident to use this architecture for major projects... Back to Delphi, 10 years after my last projects.
Thanks TMS :kissing: