Trial and FNC


I have downloaded the trial version and can run most of the demo applications. I cannot however compile anything that uses your FNC components. I get the following error.

Access violation at address A41B8470 in module 'libpas2js.dll'. Read of address 00001044

I do have a subscription to your FNC components. Do I need to configure anything?



There is a known issue with the compiler when a combination of registered FNC components is used with a trial version of TMS WEB Core.

At this moment, only following combinations work:
FNC trial + WEB trial
FNC full + WEB full
FNC trial + WEB full

The compiler team is working on finding a solution for the case FNC full + WEB trial but this isn't trivial and unfortunately, we do not have an ETA yet.

Ok, thanks. How do you suggest that I test this then as I need to before purchasing?

You could

a) evaluate TMS WEB Core without FNC UI controls
b) temporarily install TMS FNC UI Pack trial in combination with TMS WEB Core trial

I'll just wait until it will work before testing and subsequently buying then!

Having just purchased the Web Core with the FNC UI Pack it kinda makes more sense to have a discounted set of FNC controls that include all the controls that work on the Web.  Kinda missing the Chart and Dashboard 

The 20% discount is also offered for other FNC products. On the online order form, we enabled to see the most frequently purchased item (the web shop system only allows one cross-selling product)
If you want the discount offer on other FNC products, please contact sales directly by email.

How about a discount on Web Core product for those who have already purchased FNC?

TMS WEB Core is at this moment already offered at a discounted launch price 295EUR.
After this launch period, TMS WEB Core will go to its normal pricing.