project options electron show no values

Hi, I've installed your TMS Web and ran also a first electron app on windows and linux.

On Delphi 10.4 the project options page (TMS Web --> Compile) does not display the values on the right side (only the names on the left).

Dow you know this already and when it will be fixed?

A 10.4 specific issue, caused by a breaking change in the 10.4 IDE.
We have internally already implemented a workaround and the next update will address this.

OK, thanks for the info. You mean an Update of TMS or Delphi? I have also 10.3.3 on the machine (but installed TMS Web only for 10.4). Would you recommend to install TMS-Web for 10.3.3, because it is there (for the moment) better to use?

TMS WEB Core update to workaround the breaking change in the 10.4 IDE.

I have installed the 1.4.1 (The setup says also 1.4.1). But after installation the problem is not away. And strange: The splash screen from Delphi displays still Version 1.4.0.
And also the "new version available" pops up....

When you look at the installed PDF doc, what version nr. does it say?

Fwiw, we plan to release v1.4.2.0 this week.