TMS WEB Core v1.6.0.0 beta update

A new beta version of TMS WEB Core v1.6 is available now for active registered users from the "My Products" page on our website, after login.
The new beta update is based on pas2js v2.0 RC8 and has meanwhile also numerous framework updates:
-New : Added public methods Show/Hide in TCustomControl
-New : Exposed Default property for TWebButton
-New : TCustomControl.OnScreenshotReady public event added
-New : TWebScrollBox.OnScroll event added
-New : Visible property for TWebResponsiveGridItem
-New : AutoCompletion property added to TWebMemo
-Fixed : Rare issue when first record in JSON dataset contains null value
-Fixed : TWebDateTimerPicker issue with BorderStyle = bsNone
-Fixed : Issue with TWebLabel alignment when Align <> alNone and AutoSize = true
-Fixed : Issue with changing ElementClassName at runtime for TWebLabel
-Fixed : Control realign when WidthStyle, HeightStyle <> ssAbsolute
-Fixed : Issue with changing alignment in TWebGridPanel at runtime
-Fixed : Issue with TWebCheckGroup OnCheckClick event
-Fixed : Rendering of TWebDateTimePicker with CSS
-Fixed : Behavior of TWebTabSheet in TWebPageControl
-Fixed : Exposed ElementPosition & Visible property on TWebSignIn
-Fixed : Issue with adding tabsheet at runtime in TWebPageControl

We look forward to your feedback and when your feedback is positive, we like to move to release.

Today I installed the new 1.6 beta version and are now unable to compile a project that previously compiled just fine with the 1.6 beta version.
This is Delphi shows:

Installed the new TMS WEB Core beta under Delphi 10.3 and can't run my Electron app anymore. Its compiling ok, but when starting it shows:

Creating and running a new Electron app is working, but I don't want to recreate my app from scratch.

When reinstalling the first TMS WEB Core beta, my Electron app is starting normal again.

Is there a workaround?

In addition to my previous message i can report that there is no issue when compiling with VSC v1.1.3816.

We have fixed the issue with ShowCaption. Next update will address this.

Do you see this issue with any of our demos?
If not, do you have more details/steps to reproduce?

The Electron CodeEditor demo also compiles, but don't run

Thanks for reporting.
We could fix this.

I'm glad you could reproduce and solve the issue.

Can you provide a new beta version, or is the final release close?

We're bundling feedback and will depending on this either provide another RC or move to release.

Hello and happy new year for everyone!

An issue which I notice in Web Core in the current version for Delphi (with Delphi 10.3.3) and also in the latest beta of 1.6. (with Delphi 10.4): When using the version auto-increment feature in a release version of a PWA, then you get an error on compiling. Some part of the compile/make process does not find the right .js file.
Despite that, when copying the files to my web server, the application runs.

Best regards,
Meik Stoll

Has internally already been fixed.
Next RC or final 1.6 will address this.