Problems using TTMSFNCEdgeWebBrowser

Hi, I have an application in delphi where I use many pages that I have on some servers of my own. What I do is to call them in several embeds with TTMSFNCEdgeWebBrowser however, I have problems loading the URL with the .Navigate event.

This is an example of what is happening.

It should be noted that if I use the applications from my computer's browser, it works correctly.
Also, when I open my application for the first time, it works fine.
When I close and reopen it, it generates this error and does not load them.

Additionally, I am using the procedures and it still does not work.

  • EdgeGeneral.DeleteAllCookies;
  • EdgeGeneral.ClearCache;
  • EdgeGeneral.AutoClearCache:=true;

My web applications are in Vue.JS and they all have clearCache before they load.

Please open the developer console and inspect potential JavaScript errors. Please post a screenshot of the output here.

This is the first time I log in and it shows no error.

And these are the errors I get when I close and open again

NOTE: If I place the cursor over the embedded, press Ctrl + shift + r, delete cache and it works.

By default the browser clears the cache. Please set AutoClearCache to False

The problem persist, I tried true and false but it keeps returning the error.