Problem with TTMSFNCRichEditorRTFIO.load(AStream: TStream)

Hello dear TMS support,

I have encountered a problem with TTMSFNCRichEditorRTFIO.load(AStream: TStream) when I try to load a Stream with a tabulator sign and a following hyperlink.

It gets stuck at this point in the load function:

The issue does not occur with all links. Unfortunately I haven't recognized a pattern yet. Without the tabulator sign in front of the link it works perfectly fine.

Some links I tested: works not works works not works works

In order to better understand what you try to do, could you save the text(s) you try to load via InsertAsRTF in a text file and send it so we can test it here?

text_to_load.txt (822 Bytes)
Here is a text I try to load with InsertAsRTF that does not work.