TTMSFMXRichEditorHTMLIO load from TMemoryStream?

Can TTMSFMXRichEditorHTMLIO load from a TMemoryStream?

Rad Studio 10.3.2, FMX UI Pack v3.7.3.0, c++.

ControlTextData.HtmlIo->Save("MyFilename");  // Saves correctly
TMemoryStream *strm = new TMemoryStream;
strm->Seek(0ull, soBeginning);        // Reset pointer
strm->LoadFromFile("MyFilename");          // Load byte stream
strm->Seek(0ull, soBeginning);        // Reset pointer

I get error read from 0

It should be possible to load from a stream.

Can you try to use a TStringStream and verify that when loading the file, you see the proper HTML via StringStream.DataString?

Loading from a TStringStream also crashes.  The stream data is good.

Is a RichEditor assigned to TTMSFMXRichEditorHTMLIO?

Yes.  I can save to a file and load from a file.  To duplicate the problem:
Create a c++ project
Save from TTMSFMXRichEditorHTMLIO to a file.
Optionally load the TTMSFMXRichEditorHTMLIO from the file
Load a TMemoryStream or TStringStream from the file
Load TTMSFMXRichEditorHTMLIO from the TStream

I haven't tested with Delphi