Problem with TMS Component Pack 8.3 on Windows XP

After running the application, which uses version 8.3 on Windows XP SP 3, the error message appears:

External Exception C06D007F. 
After recompiling software using previous version the problem disappears. I do not know which components cause this exception.

Without any further information/details, it is impossible to tell, based on just an exception address what component is causing this.
I'd try to step through the code at app startup to determine where the exception is happening or use a tool like Eurekalog.

Thank you for reply. Maybe someone else had error message. I found similar message here: 

I suppose it is conected to smooth controls again, but I have not found more details.

Between v8.2 and v8.3 we only did very minor changes in TAdvSmoothListBox , TAdvSmoothComboBox ,TAdvSmoothDatePicker and TAdvSmoothTouchKeyBoard. Is any of these in use?

Well,  the message appears while loading main form, which contains many components (stylers, ribbon, TAdvShapeBUtton, TAdvglowbuttons etc. and is inhertied from TAdvToolBarForm), but the only smooth control here is TAdvSmoothSplashScreen. However I am not sure, if the error is directly connected to this form. I know it is difficult to localize it. I have not used previous release because of popup menu closing problem, so it is possible, that the error apeared some weeks ago.

Perhaps you can copy your DFM file and paste it in a new project to see if this problem persists?

Unfortunately I have no computer with Windows XP. I just received a messages from some customers, who installed new version of our software. 

Do you have some sample source project with which we should be able to reproduce your issue?

The problem appears, when main form is inherited from TAdvToolBarForm. This inheritance is required when TAdvToolbarPage is used and title bar should have full functionality.

Ok, resolved. Please include this fix in next release of TMSComponentPack:

Please change line 55874 of AdvToolBar.pas (procedure WMGetMinMaxInfo) from:

        if (not IsDpiAware) and not mon.Primary and (WindowState = wsMaximized) and (ADVToolBarDPI_SystemDPI > 96) then


        if IsVista and (not IsDpiAware) and not mon.Primary and (WindowState = wsMaximized) and (ADVToolBarDPI_SystemDPI > 96) then

Thanks, we'll apply this fix in the next update.