DBAdvEdit, ReturnIsTab, OnKeyUp


Put to the form a DBAdvEdit, set ReturnIsTab=true.
Put to the form a AdvEdit, set to OnKeyUp something with the monitoring of VK_Return.

Start, press a return key on DBAdvEdit.
In AdvEdit.OnKeyUp detect the VK_Return.

About from TMS CP

Thanks in advance.

Win7, Delphi XE7, TMS CP

This is a change by design because auto return key repeat (when you keep pressing the return key) would otherwise not work.

"Key repeat" ? This will be a new feature ?

This is a wilful wrong function ??

This ReturnIsTab behaviour is incorrect.
I think the design, that base on incorrect behaviour, hmmm, not perfect, not long-term.

When one keeps pressing the Enter keep and ReturnIsTab = true, it needs to loop through all similar controls.