Problem with a bpl after update

Just upgraded the TMSpack components as I do every time a new version becomes available and now I'm unable to load Delphi XE5 Enterprise without it showing an entry point error from tmsdXE5.bpl. It says the procedure entry point @Advgrid@TAdvStringGrid@GetFilter$qqri could not be located in the dynamic link library tmsdXE5.bpl

Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to fix this as I can't load my client's project to continue working on it?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled a couple of times as well as redownloading the installation file.

tmsdXE5.bpl exists after the install.

Is explained here:

Error : procedure entry point could not be found

When errors are raised upon running the applications such as "procedure @... of the procedure entry point @... could not be located", make sure to scan your hard disk for ALL old versions of TMS .BPL and TMS .DCP files and delete ALL old versions. This error can appear when a newer package is built- with another package of which an old version is found first in the system path. 

I removed all TMS packages and then reinstalled and everything is okay again!