Problem Create record

i want use iwplanner on mysql database,
i have build database folowing your recommandation
I précise that every think is ok to database connection with unidac and mysql i known well that

i use unidac, so have you example with unidac,
because when i select period,
i have allways error on datetime record.

il would like to known if i must build sql query for add record or if tiwdbmonthsource does that ?

I try to test with unidac query and unidac datasource tiwdbmonthsource and tiwdbwebplanner

can you précise how i must do
thank's a lot
Best regards


The TTIWDBMonthSource component connected to a TTIWDBWebPlanner's ItemSource should take care of adding records to the DB.
Please seed the DBMonthPlanDemo for an example.

hello bart,
i see your example
but he refuse to add record, allway he say error
but if i add buy sql query no problem,
so have yous ideas ?
best regard

Hi Patrice,

Can you please specify exactly which error you are seeing?
If the error is related to the datetime field, can you please make sure the datetime field format is compatible with theTTIWDBMonthSource?

Alternatively, if you are able to manually provide the required sql queries in your application you could try using the non-db version of the TTIWDBWebPlanner instead.

Hi bart,
the message is Impossible de modifier le champ 'date_start_pla'
impossible to modifi field 'date_start_pla'
any ideas

so i have second problem
if i add new event the with sql query i see only one event by month on TIWDBWebPlanner
i use TIWDBMonthSource
i have use 10 resource on same TIWDBWebPlanner,
have you any ideas ?

Thank a lot best regards

Hi bart for only one event by month i have found problem,
the key feild must be différent for each record. so is ok for this problem, i have solution.

For my first problem i don't found solution
So if i don't use dbwebplanner
i must recreate each db record as an event ?
best regards


Yes, If you use TTIWWebPlanner instead of TTIWDBWebPlanner you'll have to programmatically create all events based on the DB records and provide all required sql queries.

The error you mentioned indicates there is an issue with the datetime field.
Can you please make sure the field is not readonly and in the right datetime format?

hi bart,
in fact error is due to bad code sample in your library,
now with supress 1 line is ok.

so now we have some questions
1/ wheri can send this pop up message
Do you want to add here an item?

2/ if i select update by query where i put the sql query code ?

3/ i use TIWDBWebPlanner with 10 resources( in same webdbplanner) is it possible to have some resource read only and other one writible ?

4/ is it possible to fine 1 color different for each resource ?

thank's best regards

  1. I'm not sure I understand your question correctly. Can you please explain exactly what you are trying to do?
  2. You can use the TTIWDBMonthSource OnUpdateItem event.
  3. The ReadOnly option can only be set per event item.
  4. You can use the PositionProps collection to configure colors for each position.