Planner layout

Hi, two more questions…

1.      1.  When printing from a DBPlannerMonthView if there are more than a couple of events displayed on a particular day (or series of days), the event bar indicator covers the date digits.  It makes the calendar impossible to read if this happens too many times in a month.  Is there any way to avoid the date bar moving up into that region?

2.      2. Can the “date bar” height be set?  It gets quite large if there is only a couple of events in a day, which looks a bit ordinary.

Thanks again in advance.


Can you please provide more details how to reproduce this? Property settings of Planner items? How many items on a day?  What exactly do you mean with "event bar indicator"?

is it ok to post a jpg file on this forum to show the result or is their another way of sending a file?

Send a sample project with source to support by email.
See : for guidelines for submitting samples.