I'm trying to connect to a Postgres database using the Data Modeler.

Database type: PostgreSql 9

I keep getting error: Cannot load vendor libray Libpq.Dll, module not found. But it is in the Windows Path and I have even copied it to the Data Modeler catalog.

Is the Data Modeler depended on FireDac?

I have given up on Postgres and FireDac, do you plan to include UniDac?

DataModeler uses FireDac internally, but that should not be an issue. Are you sure you have provided the 32-bit version of libpq.dll? Data Modeler is a 32-bit application. Just having libpq.dll in the same directory as dm.exe should be enough.


Still can't use Datamodeler with Postgres.

I have installed the 32 bit version of Postgres and copied from there the Libpq.Dll to the Datamodeler directory.

Same error message, Cannot find Libpq.dll.

I had the same issue with WebCore/Xdata/FireDac. I then installed UniDac from Devart and it worked just fine.

I would like to start using Datamodeler too :)

Do you have a link where I can download Libpq.dll, and be sure it's the 32 bit version?


Hi Ole, try this one:
Success :)

Copied the 32bit files to the Datamodeler directory and put the directory in the systems Path.