Postgre Connection Error


We can't connect to postgre server on localhost:

In Data Modeler Folder we copy required dll file, but don't work.

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Did you use the 32-bit version? Isn't there a chance you copied the 64-bit version?

32-bit instaled, file copied again and error persists.....

Please check if you follow these guidelines:

Wagner Landgraf2016-03-09 23:14:40

Hi Wagner,

I create a simple video showing any application with aurelius connecting to PG Database, I showing too TMS Data Modeler error.

Sorry my english in video :)

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I'm running out of ideas. It's even more mysterious because Data Moduler uses FireDac itself to connect to PostgreSQL, so it's exactly the same approach. If your application can connect to PostgreSQL without needing to copy the dll, then so Data Modeler should do as well. 

Do you have duplicated pglib.dll files in your hard disk? Did you try the data modeler connection from a different computer?