64 bit version

The current version has limitations in regards to large complex databases (crashing, locking up or just not loading if you do get it to save).
Using a 64 bit memory model allows users to use the memory in machines with more than 4 GB of ram (which includes most that ship today).

PostgreSQL has dropped support for the 32-bit version.
I have PG15 installed, the modeler simply cannot connect.
Tried to put the old 32-bit dlls into the local modeler directory - doesn't work, I guess due to PG15 being installed.
Additionally, the entire app appears blurry due to the lack of HI-DPI support.

I can easily use something like PGModeler to create actual DB model, but then, I would like to use modeler to generate Aurelius modules.

You can still use 32-bit client dll to access PG15, even for PG16 - I use it myself.

Can you share the 32-bit PG client DLLs that you are currently using?

You can download from here: https://download.tmssoftware.com/business/dmodeler/download/postgresql_libs.zip