Possible mixup of versions?

Today I got a notification that version V2.2.2.1 was available. I downloaded it and installed it the usual way:

  • Download the version and extract setup.exe
  • Remove the current installation through add/remove programs.
  • Check the Delphi IDE no longer shows Web Core.
  • Reboot the computer.
  • Install the new version in Delphi 11.
  • Reboot the computer.
  • Start Delphi IDE and then I noticed version V2.2.2.0 appeared, although the installation shows V2.2.2.1 was installed.

To make sure I selected the correct installation files, I did the installation again to get the same results.


When opening the IDE with a Web Core application, I get the message that version V2.2.2.1 is available. So, it seems there has been a mixup of versions in the installation procedure?

There must still be at least v2.2.2.0 .BPL files around on your system.
I suggest to uninstall again from the Windows control panel and after uninstall scan your hard disk for TMSWEBCorePkg*.bpl & TMSWEBCorePkg*.dcp files and make sure all files are removed before installing a new version.
Make also sure that while you do the uninstall, the Delphi IDE is effectively closed and no parts of TMS WEB Core are running anymore, like the debug webserver.