WebCore does not install on Delphi 11 but does on Delphi12

This morning I wanted to check a piece of software developed with Delphi 11, running Web core V2.4.5.4 and got the message there was a new version V2.4.6.1. As I am currently in a transition from Delphi 11 to Delphi 12, I have Web Core installed on both versions.

So, I removed the old installation, cleaned the *.bpl and *.dcl on studio22.0 and studio23.0 folders, rebooted the computer and then started the new V2.4.6.1 installations.

To my surprise, the new version appeared on Delphi 12 but not on Delphi11, which still shows V2.4.5.4, though I removed the *.bpl and *.dcl files. Delphi 11 also keeps giving the message there is a new version.

Is V2.4.6.1 no longer supporting Delphi 11?.

Please FIRST perform a FULL uninstall of TMS WEB Core parts from the Windows Control Panel. Verify after uninstall that in no more Delphi version you see TMS WEB Core.
After this full & clean uninstall, install the latest version.